The Joy of Meeting and Conversing With Angels of God

For a long time in my Christian life I had not met an angel, and then after doing something for Jesus one day, Jesus asked me for a prayer request that He would grant. On that day I asked for the ability to have visions and have prophetic dreams. From that day on I could see angels in visions and have met Jesus many times and been to heaven a few times. It was a time before I spoke back and forth to angels as they were normally silent, but today after conversing with an angel I felt that I might write this article.

I have spoken to other people who have seen angels Request personal prophecy and some of them have reported that the angels did not seem to have permission from God to speak to them, but were merely sent to comfort the person.

One day in a personal prophecy a lady sent me, God said “I Like the way that you treat my angels.” That really pleased me and showed me in no way was I worshipping angels.

Over the years I have become very used to angels walking with me and angels coming to visit and hang out with me. I have met a variety of angels and yet no matter what sort of angel that comes to meet me, the common theme of their visits is that they bring peace and joy with them.

This morning I was awakened by a special angel. He was one of two cupbearer angels of Jesus Christ. He is like Jesus’ personal butler. He urged me to get up and make a video and to write an article on John Crowder’s book “Seven Spirits Burning”. It seems that there are people who will watch my video and read my article, in which God wants the people who buy the book to be blessed by it. I was tired and trying to get back to sleep when the angel told me to get up and make the video.

All angels have a purpose. I guess one reason why not all people see angels is that they may be tempted to worship them. It is my wish that all people could come into faith to see angels and be ministered to by them.

If you have ever felt a strong presence of the Lord, this feeling of peace and joy is the same feeling that you get when an angel comes to visit you.

In my time I have had some wonderful experiences with angels and sometimes I have met over a hundred of them at a time. I have been fortunate to have even met arch angels mentioned in the Bible.

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