Prison Break Season 1 – The Beginning of an Amazing Series

Prison Break Season 1 started in 2005 and quickly became an incredibly popular show about innocence, murder, and mystery. Many people believed that the first season could have been made into a very high quality film due to the engrossing plot and action, though the writers managed to stretch it into a full four seasons. It all started out with Lincoln Burrows being tried and convicted for murdering a man named Terrence Steadman.

Terrance happens to be the brother of the incumbent Vice President, and so Lincoln is given the death penalty. Lincoln’s brother, Michael Scofield, believes that his brother is innocent, and devises a plan to get him out of prison to avoid being executed. He figures that the easiest way to get into prison would be earning a sentence, so he commits armed robbery. Music artist He is sent to prison where he and his brother try to devise a way to avoid the impending execution. Fortunately, they have a friend on the outside that is working to figure out who framed Lincoln. The friend’s name is Veronica Donovan, and in Prison Break Season 1 she makes every possible effort to uncover any motives behind eliminating Lincoln while the two brothers struggle to survive in prison.

Without spoiling too much of the plot of Prison Break Season 1, you will understandably be itching to see what happens each episode, as the characters are developed very well. In other words, you will come to grow and love the imprisoned brothers and feel anxiety as they struggle against all odds. It really makes you think how scary it would be to be wrongfully accused for something and sentenced to death because of it. Would you have someone do everything possible to emancipate you? Would you do the same for a loved one that was errantly convicted?

It is really hard to say without being in that situation yourself, but Prison Break Season 1 is only the tip of the iceberg. The following three seasons really build on the story and the entire conspiracy that started it all, giving you bits and pieces each episode until the fourth season where everything starts coming together. The fact that the writers chose to end the series after four seasons really allows you to watch the show without feeling like they’re just stringing you along and it gives them time to answer all your questions.

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