Pavement Signs and A-Boards – Promoting Your Business

Many A frame signs are used on the pavement, outside of a shop as an advertisement to draw potential customers inside. It is the perfect marketing tool for companies to broadcast their best deals to the footfall outside and bring them in store.

Due to the advent of low-cost digital print, A-Boards with poster frames are gradually taking over from fixed message pavement signs. This article focuses on the type with the changeable graphics facility.

A Boards with a very simple design to enable posters to be inserted, have two snap frames mounted back to back onto a folding stand which opens up into an A shape; hence the name A board. The snap frames have four snapping profiles around the edge of the frame which open to allow a poster to be inserted and close to secure the graphic.

Getting the right A board

As firmenschild au├čenbereich there are different models and styles of pavement signs and A-Boards for sale you need to consider which is going to complement your business best. If your company is a modern hair dressers then a stylish aluminum A frame might be what you are after; however if you’re a farm shop then a rustic wooden A Board with a built in chalk board would most likely suit your companies theme.

You also need to take your immediate environment into consideration. If you’re aiming to display your A Board on a high street then a standard A-frame would suffice. However if you’re aiming to display it next to a busy road or car park then a water based pavement sign may be what you need; the extra weight will prevent it from being knocked over from the wind generated by passing cars.

Before purchasing your sign board, think what you want to achieve. Do you want to display printed media or do you want quality hand written signs for a personal touch; or maybe you want both?

If you simply want to write on your A Board with traditional chalk then your choice is simple, a chalk wooden A board will suffice. If you do wish to write with chalk but display your sign outside, then try waterproof but non-permanent chalk pens. Pens like this won’t fade in the sun and are water-resistant but can be removed with household products such as degreasers.

If you wish to display printed media as well as hand written signs then there’s an answer for that too. With a snap frame A board the poster is inserted into the snap frame behind the poster protectors which come with the product. You can also purchase large chalk cards which insert into the frame in the same way. You can write and draw on these chalk cards with chalk pens (similar to what professional sign writers use for example in pubs). TIP: Create your sign on a flat surface, allow to dry and then insert into the A frame. Remember to keep your advertisements personal to your company as well as showing your best offers; customers like a company to have a personality.

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