Here’s the Difference Between Weeds and Flowers

We have had this discussion in our household so many times, it’s not funny. It has, however, helped us come up with the definition of weed that suits our needs. A weed is any plant growing where you don’t want it to be growing.

Many of the useful plants I want to grow in our garden are not the world’s most attractive. Some of them are also painful to harvest. However, I like to grow useful things. There are many others that are beautiful, and that can be funny when we’re discussing which to buy at a nursery. The conversation goes something like this:

Me: “Oh, I like that one, see the pretty flowers?”

My Husband: “Does it do anything besides look pretty?”

Me: “Well, yeah, it can….”

My Husband: “Can’t we, just this once, get a pretty plant that *doesn’t* have any other uses?”

It is all done in love, and we both see the humor. buy weed uk As a matter of fact, as I get older, I really can’t grow all of the plants I want, so he does get to pick the majority of them.

Now for the “weeds:”

Dandelion: The European settles found this plant so valuable they brought it with them to North America. It is not a native plant. While it does tend to make lawns look bad, the whole plant has value. The roots is a fairly strong diuretic, the leaves are edible raw when young and when older they can be cooked like spinach. Even the flowers have a use, they can be made into wine.

Plantain: I’m not referring to the banana like fruit found in the produce aisle. This plant’s seeds are called psyllium and used as a bulk laxative. The leaves are edible when cooked, but the plant does push grass away.

Stinging Nettle: They weren’t kidding with the name. In older times, it was used as a counter irritant, helping relieve the pain of arthritis, etc. Usually a soothing wash was rubbed over the area and the tiny punctures in the skin helped absorb the liquid. These are really nasty to get out of your garden, you will want thick leather gloves and sturdy long sleeves. However, once picked, you might consider putting it into your stew pot as it makes a tasty and not painful side dish.

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