Benefits Of Hazelnut Oil For Skin

Love hazelnuts? Well, so does your skin. One gets feeling of ecstasy from hazelnut goodies, why not let your skin delve in the same frenzy. Yes, hazelnuts not just taste good; their cold pressed oil locks gorgeous benefits for your beauty quotient. A hazelnut which is about the size of a marble is loaded with minerals and vitamins like magnesium, potassium, calcium, folate, zinc, iron, manganese, vitamins A, C, E, K, thiamine, riboflavin, pyridoxine, pantothenic acid, and niacin. Some of the top benefits of using Hazelnut Oilfor skin are outlined below.

1. Thwarts Effects That Encourage Cancerous Skin Cell Development

One of the prime benefits of using hazelnuts for skin is that these are loaded with antioxidants and Beta-sitosterol which arrest the process of cancerous skin cell development. Oil extracted from the nuts defuses and deactivates the existing malignant cells in the integumentary system thereby thwarting the possibility of cancerous cells spreading throughout the body. Alpha-tocopherol, a variant of vitamin E also plays a role in thwarting the carcinogenic mechanism that leads to cancer cell proliferation.

2. Dealing With Skin Conditions

Hazelnuts are abundant in healthy flavonoids like catechins and tannins making these nuts extremely effective astringents. Astringent quality of hazelnut oil helps in soaking up oil from the pores on the epidermis thereby enabling these to shrink eventually healing acne, pimple and blackhead. On the other hand, the antibacterial attributes confront harmful bacteria thriving on the skin which aids in healing scars and marks left behind by shrinking pores.

3. Protection From Damaging UV Rays

Another hazelnuts benefit for skin is that these act as natural sunscreen for the skin aiding in filtering the internecine UV rays of the sun. Owing to this particular quality of hazelnut oil, it is used as an ingredient in numerous sunscreen lotions and creams. Hazelnut oil abounds in vitamin E that is highly effectual in safeguarding the skin from the adverse effects of the sun’s UV rays. Prepare a formulation by blending hazelnut oil with avocado, walnut, and sesame seeds, and apply the same routinely on your skin to keep it healthy and lustrous.

4. Hydrating The Skin

Vitamin E and healthy fats which are found in hazelnuts in copious amounts also aid in keeping the skin well-nourished and hydrated. Thus, the nuts act as an excellent conditioner for the skin helping to hold on to its smooth and soft texture. Applying the formulation mentioned above on a regular basis will go a long way in providing nourishment to the skin.

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