Beginners Tips For Workout Using Hampton Chrome Dumbbells

When using dumbbells as a regular part of your workout routine you can target your arms, chest, shoulders, back, abdominals, and your legs giving you a full body workout. A beginner working out with dumbell sets should take into consideration the weight increments available to them as well as the comfort of the grip. The Hampton Chrome Dumbells offer weight increments of five pounds starting at five ponds increasing up to 50-pound dumbbells. The Hampton Chrome dumbbell set, designed in Europe, also have a unique grip made out of durable urethane which gives them ease in handling and grip.

There is no right or wrong time to begin adding dumbbells to a new or existing workout routine. There are dumbbell routines designed for novice to the pros chrome dumbbells that can work various muscle groups regardless of your level of fitness that offer you the ability to firm, tone, strengthen, and build muscles. There are however, some tips that beginners should keep in mind.

o Start with the lowest weight possible. If five-pound dumbbells are still a bit on the heavy side for you may want to consider getting a dumbbell set such as the Hampton 2.5-15 lb. UltraBell dumbbell set that also has the urethane gel grip.

o Test the weight on muscle before doing a full rep. If the weight pulls hard when held directly down from your body, then lower the weights and work up to heavier weights as your muscle strength increases.

o Regardless of which muscle you are working, place close attention to that muscle with each rep. If you are focusing on that muscle, you should be able to feel that muscle being worked. If not, double check your style and form in your rep. You may be holding the dumbbell incorrectly.

o Rotate muscles groups worked daily. If you do arms or upper body one day, the next day work legs, back, and abdomen. You do not want to over exert one muscle group excessively. They need time to rest, which will aid in the speed of development.

o Do stretching exercises before starting your workout routine on dumbbells for at least 15 minutes. This warms and awakens the muscles so they achieve the ultimate desired workout results.

o Do not jerk the dumbbell in your reps. The movement should be slow and precise to receive ultimate gains. Jerking dumbbells or starting with too heavy of a weight can strain your targeted muscle that can result in downtime and even serious injury if not careful.

o Low fitness beginners should start with repetitions of no more then five, working up as fitness builds. Be sure to allow your muscle at least a minute between reps.

o Concentrate on your breathing. Breathe in as you begin lift and exhale as you release lift.

o If pain starts in, stop routine and give your muscles a chance to recuperate. Wait until pain from muscles eases before beginning again. Start again slowly and do not feel the need to rush to heavier weights. Even lower weight dumbbells are toning your muscles getting them prepared for building mass.

o Cool down with a five-minute stretch routine after every workout. This gives your muscles the chance to relax saving possible Charlie-horse feelings.

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