Atlanta’s Most Beautiful Homes and Suburbs

Atlanta has the most beautiful homes, besides Las Vegas. Of course, this is my opinion. But, that opinion is based on the places that I have visited already. I love houses, and window shopping houses in different markets. You would think I’m a realtor, but I’m not. I just love the designs of beautifully crafted homes.

Having that said, Atlanta definitely stands out among the nation’s most beautiful homes. Just like every other city, this city has its good and not-so-good areas. There are many nice areas in Atlanta however. The top 3 would be Alpharetta (Johns Creek- which is a part of Alpharetta), Sandy Springs, and Duluth.

Alpharetta is probably the most exclusive. the-beautiful-home It has prime real estate and top notch gated golf communities. This includes the number #1 rated most prominent golf community in all of Atlanta and suburbs- The Country Club of the South. There is also St. Ives Country Clubs and more. New Homes are being built in Atlpharetta all the time. Alpharetta is definitely where the wealthier of Atlantans reside.The homes in Alpharetta start at about $250,000 and up. The golf community homes go for about $1 million and up. Atlanta is known for the brick constructed well built homes.

Next, Sandy Springs is one of Atlanta’s top real estate markets. The high end homes of Sandy Springs are immaculate. Many of them have a Victoria era design with brightly colored exteriors. Although many of the new homes are gated, many of Sandy Spring mansions are not gated. Sandy Springs is a little closer to the city of Atlanta than Alpharetta, which may or may not be a plus.

Third on this list is Duluth, GA. Duluth has its good and less attractive areas, compared to Alpharetta, and Sandy Springs. But, this suburb still has it lush manicured lawns and gated mansions. Most notably is the Sugarloaf Country Club. This golf community is known ffor it honored luxury golf courses. Duluth also has many newly constructed gated townhomes as well.

These are the most attractive of Atlanta suburban real estate. However, if you are determined to live right in the heart of the city. I suggest Buckhead. The mansions are beautiful. The lawns are manicured and you are close to various activities, events, and shopping that Atlanta has to offer.

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